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Himalayan Salt Lamp

At Salt Lamps Paradise, we are proud to bring the benefits of the Himalayan Mountains into your home. Our stylish salt lamps emit an attractive glow and can be used to create ambient mood lighting that enhances both traditional and modern interiors. They are also scientifically proven to enhance the surrounding air quality and help relieve the symptoms of various respiratory disorders.

  • What is a Salt Lamp?
  • How does a Salt Lamp work?
  • Why use Himalayan Salt?
  • Why use a salt-based therapy?
  • Which illnesses are eased when using a Salt Lamp?
  • Who will benefit from using a Salt Lamp?
  • How to use your Salt Lamp?

  • What is a Salt Lamp?

    Our well-being and efficiency is dependant on the quality of the air around us. Air consists of many electrically charged particles. These particles will be positively charged, negatively charged or neutral particles. The quality of air we breathe depends on the type of electrical charge nearby and concentration of ions.

    Most of us are surrounded by gadgets that make our lives easier; computer monitors, televisions, radio receivers, microwave ovens, electric heaters, tumble dryers, and vacuum cleaners. However, these electronic devices all produce harmful positive ions that affect our air quality, which in turn have a negative impact on our physical and emotional health.

    The cheapest and simplest method of fighting the battle against the electric ‘smog’ all of these gadgets create, is to air your rooms regularly but this may not be possible in your office, or you might live in a city with high levels of pollution. Another low-cost way to boost your air quality is to use a salt lamp.

    Salt Lamps are small table lamps that are made of mineral salt that has hardened into a rock crystal form over millions of years as the sun dried out our primal seas. Salt lamps that are made of natural salt crystal act as a natural air ionizer that boosts the number of negative ions in the room, effectively neutralizing the positive ions and improving your air quality.

    Today, villagers harvest the rock salt by hand and create salt lamps by taking a small piece of rock crystal and adding a power lead, or candle in order to create a unique decorative lamp for your home. Each lamp is carefully hand-crafted to retain the original beauty of the crystal rock it came from. The various minerals in the salt give your salt lamp its unique colour; iron infuses the rock with rich red tones and the presence of manganese provides a fiery orange and yellow flame throughout the rock. So, no two lamps will be the same.

    How does a Salt Lamp work?

    By gently heating the salt rock with a low 15 watt light bulb the salt lamp will release negative ions that combat the positive ions in our environment that are caused by pollution, dust, electronic devices, animal fur, pollen etc. thereby improving our air quality.

    Why use Himalayan Salt?

    Our salt lamps are made from Himalayan salt which is considered to be the finest salt available as it is totally free of pollutants and contains 84 minerals and trace elements which are considered to be beneficial to our health when inhaled. These 84 minerals and trace elements are present in such tiny particles that we can easily absorb and metabolise them by simply inhaling them.

    ‘Himalayan Salt’ is the consumer name for ‘Halite’, which is crystal salt in its perfect form. Halite is mined in the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas.

    Why use a salt-based therapy?

    Salt is widely accepted as a natural healer. Salt-based therapies have been used to treat common ailments for centuries. For example:

  • The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates recommended inhaling the steam from boiled salt water for respiratory problems.
  • In the Roman salt mines it was noted that the salt miners had better health than their contemporaries.
  • In the Second World War, a German Doctor, Herman Spannagel noted an improvement in the health of patients who regularly took cover in the salt-rich Kluterthöhle cave during air raids.
  • In 1999, a Lithuanian study of 250 children and 500 adults found that salt therapy for an hour a day for two weeks improved respiratory results in nine out of 10 cases.
  • A 2006 trial by the American Psychiatric Association reported improvements in a sample group of people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Over a three week period, 40% of those exposed to negative ions reported improvements in their depressive symptoms.
  • Even today, medical professionals who endorse the use of medication over alternative therapies, tell new moms to take a salt bath to aid their healing and recovery time.

  • Which illnesses are eased when using a Salt Lamp?

    As we are all exposed to harmful, positive ions on a daily basis, we would all benefit from the pollution-neutralizing impact of a salt lamp. People who suffer from the following illnesses typically find that their symptoms have eased after exposure to the naturally ionized air a salt lamp creates:

  • Respiratory disorders such as: bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis
  • Allergy sufferers
  • Rheumatism
  • Insomnia
  • Migraine
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Stress

  • Who will benefit from using a Salt Lamp?

    The improvement in air quality delivered by a salt lamp is particularly beneficial to the following groups of people:

  • Children - Why not swap their bedside table lamp for a salt lamp to help them get a restful night’s sleep?
  • Students – Using a salt lamp in your bedroom will help neutralize the effects of all your gadgets and leave you free to absorb your learning materials.
  • Office Workers ¬- A salt lamp on your desk may aid concentration by neutralizing the impact of artificial light, air conditioning and monitor radiation.
  • Smokers - Turning on your salt lamp will help diffuse the smell of the cigarettes and banish stale soft furnishings from your home. Smokers will also benefit from clearer breathing.
  • Runners – Your ability to compete is dictated by your ability to breathe. Consider using a salt lamp as part of your training regime.
  • Convalescents - Keep a salt lamp by your bedside or favourite armchair while you recover from an illness or temporary set-back.
  • Meditation practitioners - The positive impact of freshly ionized air will be amplified when used in conjunction with deep breathing and other meditative exercises because your body’s defence system is in a relaxed state.

  • Of course, you could just include a salt lamp in your home décor to provide you with a unique table lamp.

    How to use your Salt Lamp?

    All of our salt lamps are suitable for use at home and in your office. It makes sense to place your lamp where you have the most electrical pollutants or where you are in your most restful, receptive state. So, your living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen will all be suitable.

    You will get the most benefit by leaving your lamp on for as long as possible as the longer it is on, the more negative ions it produces. Your salt lamp uses very little power and is perfectly safe to leave on overnight while you sleep. With a low 15 watt bulb your salt lamp consumes a tiny amount of electricity so will not affect your electricity bills.

    You need to choose a salt lamp that is the right size for your room or buy multiple salt lamps to place around larger rooms. Having more salt lamps will release more negative ions into the air and improve your air quality.

    At the end of the day it’s a beautiful lamp created by Mother Nature, so why not just turn it on and enjoy the glow!

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